COVID-19 Information

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COVID 19 Modifications and remediations in place in our office to keep patients and staff safe and healthy

1.     Temperatures for all staff taken at start of day (staff knows that if not feeling well in morning do not report to work)
2.     All patients are pre-screened for illness prior to appointment, via contactless forms, available on this website
3.     All patients MUST call office from their car prior to entering and will be instructed when to enter the reception room where temperatures and blood oxygen levels will be measured
4.     Each treatment room has been equipped with high level air purification units that contain HEPA filters, carbon filters as well as ultraviolet light inside the unit that effectively purifies the air every 12 minutes
5.     Appointments have been staggered to eliminate contact with any other patients in the reception room.
6.     Extra time between patients has been allowed for additional disinfection between patients
7.     The office is “fogged” with a hypochlorous acid solution designed to effectively remove any traces of viruses in the air and kill it (this is the same solution used to disinfect fruits and vegetables shipped to markets as well as treatment to cleanse ulcerated diabetic wounds)

We understand that this may seem cumbersome at times, but our ultimate goal is to make certain that all our dedicated patients as well as our staff remain healthy during this extremely challenging time. We appreciate you understanding and continued support for our practice.

                                                                        Dr Bryan Shumaker and team


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