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Having your nails done is not stressful. Neither is getting a massage, or being fitted at the tailor.

A dental visit should be stress-free, too. Patient after patient tell Dr. Shumaker that he meets this goal-in large part because of his caring support staff. Dr. Shumaker's team is highly experienced and professional. They complete continuing education to keep their skills up to date. They are also empathetic and friendly. You'll notice this from the first phone call to schedule an appointment.

Nervous about your cleaning? Not a problem. They'll explain what to expect and, if you want, stop at your first "unh." Afraid to admit you don't floss? Don't be. They've heard it before and won't take it personally. Worried about gum disease, implants, TMD or other problems? They'll share the good news about the many successful treatments they've seen over the years. Want to hear about the new options for pain control, from topical numbing to needle-free sedation? Just ask! You'll be reassured by what you hear.

If you are concerned about your insurance coverage, Dr. Shumaker's team members are happy to answer those questions, too. They can also explain financing plans available.

Your dental health is priceless. The more you know about your treatment and payment options, the better you'll feel - and the more you'll show off that beautiful smile.


Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.